Backyard Water Park Design Ideas

Dictates that we need to wear clothes, the kind of activities we can do, we want to eat the food and even our way of fun, right?

When the cold season comes, as these months in the North Hemisphere usually say goodbye to outdoor activities such as cycling, playing football, flying kites and, sadly, enjoy all the attractions of a water park.

However, the watery fun does not have to disappear when they reach dry leaves or snow, because there roofed water parks!

backyard water park design

  1. An indoor water park is a huge dome built with insulating materials that usually includes the following attractions:
    Slides for children.
    Interactive Games.
    Artificial beach.

Apart from the attractions, a covered water park usually include tropical vegetation, theme figures, restaurants, souvenir shops and seating areas.

For these parks operate even in the harshest winters, it is necessary to have an infrastructure that allows continuous flow of hot water, proper lighting and air conditioning for the whole family to have fun with comfort and security.

Currently, the water park in the world largest roof is in Krausnick, Germany, located near Berlin. It is a genuine artificial beach installed inside the largest ship ever built, with the world (65.961 m2) and capacity for 8,000 visitors a day largest indoor pool.

We love bringing water fun all year and that includes doing waterparks roofing a feeling that nothing envy the most popular summer resorts.

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